Forecasting & Research

The process starts to find the right products and affordable fabrics from the right suppliers when we receive the mood boards and inspirations from yourside.

Design & Development

Our creative team frequently visits trendsetting shops, attends fashion tradeshows to update with emerging trends, to understand, to discuss, to interpret the needs and ideas of you and to predict upcoming trends in the market. Our design team and denim development department provides elegant men, women and kids collections in a wide range from stylish casual wear to very sophisticated denim styles


We offer you innovative samples, trendy colors, fabrics, and styles according to your needs. We are at your service with all ability and capacity of our modeling house where is equipped with all special sewing machines, with highly skilled pattern makers and experienced operators.


Our experienced merchandisers follow each step of production, from lap dips and fabric approval to the packing and inform you with detailed reports. According to your demand, we select the correct production line for your collection from our wide range of suppliers and help all suppliers throughout the process for you, with high-quality production and high-efficiency work.

Quality Control

The quality assessment is based on standards previously set by you. AQL methods are often used and the following reports are provided;
  • In-Line Inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Load Control
Although the controls ensure that the products meet the required standards, our main purpose is to anticipate and make necessary arrangements before the defect occurs.

Logistic Service

We have been working with outstanding shipping and customs companies specializing in global logistics solutions for fashion brands for many years. That's why we have expertise in advising on the best logistics setup.